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This Month we caught up with the talented poet from london Sophia Thakur, who's spoken word has received a great reception from spoken word lovers. In this post we will know more about her, her fashion style and a bit about her journey through spoken word.
Poetry wise, I’m a storyteller… I love telling stories, be that mine or someone else’s. I like to take my listeners on a journey”. 



I found that sometimes, the loudest dresser is trying to cover up the most stuff… it’s amazing that your style can also be a guard.

                                                                             Photography Kudzai Rusike

Location: Well well, originally I’m from Gambia, India and Sri Lanka..but I’m London born.
Your general professional and non-professional interests..
Poetry is both my general and non-professional interest, but I enjoy playing ball, reading and following the Hip Hop scene, (and some cheeky baking to tend to my sweet tooth)
On wanting to become a Poet..

I really don’t know, I guess when it became an actual possibility. So when George the Poet made a career of it, I guess that’s when it was settled… I wanted to be a poet too.

First poem you’ve written…
Haha first poem I wrote was probably really bad, so conveniently I’ve forgotten it.
Accomplishments as a poet..

I’ve shared a stage with all of my favorite poets. Literally all of them… Suli Breaks twice, George the Poet twice, Alysia Harris, Shihan and Kareem Brown a few times. I really can’t complain.

Tell us a bit about your style..
I love my plain colors, I’m often in oversized plain colored t-shirts or vests and some form of skinnys. I also follow fashion from the 90’s a lot, so heavy gold jewelry and dungarees etc.
On inspiration..

My stage presence when I’m in the zone is often described as ‘suave’. If you know me off stage you’ll probably disagree buy hey.

Inspiration is drawn from something God given, I’m so thankful and blessed to be able to say that God really does take all creative control when I plan and write.

Favorite clothing stores, websites, magazines and books..
Clothing store: Urban Outfitters and Zara.
Books: Currently reading 1984 by George Orwell
Where you can find out more about Sophia?

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